About Me


I am Lisa, an first year Ph.D. student at the University of Washington Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

I graduated from Wellesley College, a historically women’s liberal arts college, in June 2021. I double majored in Computer Science and Philosophy. I also studied at the University of Oxford, Worcester College during my third year of college.

My research interests are HCI (human-computer interaction) and ICTD (information and communication technology for development). My research objective is to execute technology-driven participatory action research to mitigate social and technical challenges faced by groups that are oppressed by their intersectional identities. I am especially interested in issues related to gender, health, education, and accessibility.

The first two years of my Ph.D. are funded by The Funai Foundation for Information Technology.

船井情報科学振興財団の奨学生です。留学報告書を書いています。Computer scienceかinformation scienceの海外大学院を検討している方はぜひご覧ください!

Celebratory News

  • Sept 2021: Officially started my Ph.D.!
  • Aug 2021: Our paper “Perceptions of Trucking Automation: Insights from the r/Truckers Community” was accepted to AutomotiveUI ‘21!
  • June 2021: Graduated from Wellesley College
  • May 2021: Attended my first (virtual) conference at CHI 21
  • Apr 2021: Committed to University of Washington CS Ph.D. program!
  • Nov 2020: Selected as a Grantee of Funai Overseas Scholarship for my Ph.D.